Information Technology: Can anyone live without IT?



I wonder what the world looks like without computers, machines, gadgets and other electronic devices. I can’t imagine how people back then manage to survive an era of black and white, plain and boring moments of the night where all you can hear is the sound of crickets singing in chorus and where every job is done manually and requires great effort. Life has been a lot easier with the advent of technology. They said that love makes the world go round but now I should say that IT makes the world go round and a better place to live in.

IT has been a part of our daily routine. When I wake up every morning, I am already enjoying the product of technology. I used to grab my cellular phone, turn on the internet, start to surf whatever stuff that appears in it and plug in my earphones so I could start my day right. It’s like I have been attached to it and there’s no minute or hour that you can separate me from this gadget. During the time when cellular phones are not yet a trend, it’s hard to be flexible with your time. Meeting friends or colleagues should be personally set beforehand because there are no other easy means of wireless communication back then except of course you have a pager. Perks of being attached to this kind of  technology is that it makes you feel that you own the world because everything is now within your reach. Do you have that one question that boggles your mind? Well, Google or Yahoo! could answer that for you. You don’t need to go and look for libraries to check that info but instead information comes to you, in just a second you will find what you’re looking for.

On the other hand, many organizations at present shift from old operation system to new ones. They need also to be advanced and can adapt to the growing needs of the market so that they could not be left behind by other competitors. Before in my workplace, data and information are kept manually, printed in a sheet of paper resulting to a mountainous pile stored in the office. In every transaction, employees would make an extra effort to go over that file again. But at present, information technology greatly helps these kind of institutions to record, save and store data and information safely.

It now makes me conclude that the world without IT is like a coffee without sugar, a bread without peanut butter and a body without soul. You can survive without it but you can never be satisfied at all. It seems like years and years of continuous competition among biggest brands has led to a grand innovation of several technologies which results to an increased demand of the people. Yes! It made our lives easier and everything can be done in just a one click of a mouse and in just a snap of a finger. We can’t predict what the future may bring or what new technology will make us awe but one thing’s for sure, let’s all put to good use everything that has been blessed us with!


2 thoughts on “Information Technology: Can anyone live without IT?

  1. jr_edsal says:

    People nowadays rely on the conveniences provided by IT like mobile phones and internet connection. With the fast communication provided by these, people can send lots of information to other Without Information Technology, communication between people across the globe, which is critical to the world economic and political state, would be slow and indecisive.


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