Applied Skills and Secrets for Effective IS Decision Making

What makes an organization successful is not only by how physical assets are being utilized, how big it generates profit every year or by how numerous their branches are. Human resources, I greatly agree, are the most valuable asset in any organization. They serve as the heart that pumps blood throughout the body and like the human organ, it gives life and meaning to the organization’s existence. These people (employees) , if guided properly by the right leaders (managers/supervisors), can greatly contribute to the organization’s success with proper motivation and incentives. Massive technical background about the subject matter is not a guarantee of generating an effective Information Systems decision.

However, I do believe that all organizations need to hire managers who hold extraordinary skills to improve performance of the employees and fill in the missing portions. Nevertheless, the skills that I’ve been emphasizing is the management and leadership skills that a manager should possess. It is one of the most important and the most difficult one because it takes a huge dipper of courage and a bottomless pail of patience needed to deal with different kinds of people at the same time.

Consequently, constant innovation is a prerequisite of success. An organization must also be sensitive and adaptive to the demands of the market so it can compete internationally and it can only be done by way of constantly innovating products and services provided to the customers.

In facing hard decisions, a manager must have that innate ability to decide what’s right and for the good of the organization as a whole. That’s why it’s best to have a manager that possesses critical thinking skills. It is when managers be able to properly address the existing problem calmly. Moreover, in my own opinion, good communication skills must be the number one qualification before becoming a manager. I’m not only referring to how well they speak the English language but it’s how they convey the message clearly to their subordinates or to those of higher ranks. He engaged in listening, how to manage stress in the moment, has the capacity to recognize and understand emotions of other people and those they’re communicating with.

I guess we don’t need highly technical people to do the job.  A skillful one will do but must be equipped with certain knowledge and competencies that’s qualified enough to make scholarly decisions.

Behind every successful organization, stands  hardworking employees that are being led by mostly competitive and skillful leaders. Success doesn’t happen overnight but it’s a result of continuous innovation and by the constant collaboration between managers and employees.


One thought on “Applied Skills and Secrets for Effective IS Decision Making

  1. jr_edsal says:

    Leadership, innovation, and decisiveness are very practical skills in today’s world but only a few have them. Majority of those people aim to be businessmen. The few become company managers are their company’s best. They lead their respective companies into a future of unprecedented heights.


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