IT Security Outsourcing: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down 

         Information technology outsourcing or ITO is a company’s outsourcing of computer or Internet related work, such as programming, to other companies. It is used in reference to business process outsourcing or BPO, which is the outsourcing of the work that does not require much of technical skills.  


         Many organizations at present are highly dependent and reliant to outsourcing firms since they cannot handle all aspects of a business process internally. Service providers can offer quality goods and services that a particular organization can’t provide or equate to. Through outsourcing, cheaper labor is highly available without compromising the quality of output and also they have that innate expertise in handling operations and transactions that are highly crucial to the company’s success.

        Meanwhile, security issues are very alarming at present. Every company should be aware of the risk involved in outsourcing IT security. These include, risk of exposing confidential data and synchronizing the deliverables. There are certain aspects of the business processes that must not be handled by the outsourcer such as IT security particularly in the banking industry. Highly confidential data might be compromised and that will result to decrease client transactions, increase client complaints, filed charges against the perpetrators and eventually losses. On the other hand, outsourcing IT security in other businesses can greatly help their operations by way of creating systems and procedures to become efficient and effective in delivering goods and services to customers. 
Moreover, if there’s a need to outsource, IT security outsourcer must handle only operations that have minimal risk involved inside the organizations like online advertising, marketing promotions and handling other technical operations. 

       Highly sensitive information must only be disseminated inside the organization. Outsourcing IT security depends on what level are you at and how IT is needed inside the organization. Risks are always involved in every step of the way but the responsibility lies on the shoulder of the top level management whether to outsource or not.



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