Building Future through Business Intelligence Tools



How can organizations encourage more effective use of BI tools?

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools plays a vital role for the success of every organization. In this competitive world at present, a business entity would be left behind without the reliance on BI Tools since it transforms raw data into meaningful and useful information for the purpose of business analysis. BI is most effective if the data comes from the combination of both the external (market in which a company operates) and internal (operations and financial data) environment because it provides a more complete picture.

The usage of BI tools has been a part of daily operations. It is a must for the management to make the best possible decisions because a single wrong move can either make or break the whole organization. Thus, it is important to inform all the employees about the effectiveness of the BI tools inside the organization. Through employees’ awareness about the BI tools, it can help them understand the benefits of it to the whole organization. Also, employees should know what is expected of them so they are motivated to use BI tools effectively. Encourage training and development among the employees. Provide them with opportunities and a venue where they could personally develop critical thinking needed for innovation and good decision making. It is essential to create a working atmosphere that enables opportunities to grow and developed.Management should provide continuous training to their employees so to keep them motivated and lessen turnover.

Moreover, another way of encouraging the effective use of BI tools is by developing shared culture where people value information. Everyone should value information the same way they value the entire organization. They should develop shared common culture so they can be able to work together for the goal of the company. Furthermore, Reward System is also vital to recognize those who have shared on the effective use of BI.  A reward-based system is essential so that there will be a proper basis of rewards and promotions and it will produce an outcome of happy delighted employees.

It is highly essential that in using Business Intelligence tools, it must create a positive experience or something rewarding and should not be punitive. Anyway, your employees are all professionals. They are more inclined to work with a rewarding atmosphere rather than being imposed on them. They should first realize the value of it to the organization so they may feel that it is essential for them to use it. On the other hand, if the usage of BI tools is a punitive program, it may result to something unrewarding like employees will feel you have tight control over them. Let them explore and realize the true value of BI tools inside the organization and they, themselves will totally imposed the usage of it.

I believe that in using BI applications, it will yield to a positive and highly productive outcome. Hence, employees who use BI tools are likely to exhibit good job performance since they can accurately predict outcomes, make good real-time decisions and create a good impression. Thus, it will be fair enough to pay raises based on their job performance. Thus, it creates a rewarding atmosphere inside the organization but also discretely imposing a punitive program.




February 11,2014. Empowering the use of Business Intelligence Tools

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One thought on “Building Future through Business Intelligence Tools

  1. jr_edsal says:

    Business Intelligence tools definitely changed the playing field of every organization out there, whether private or public. Collecting and viewing data in every aspect related to the organization’s existence and purpose have been easier and faster. And in this time and age, every second count as a tiny piece of information changing, whether positive or negative, has a drastic impact on the way the organization conducts itself. That’s what every organization faces and that’s where BI tools come into play.

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