How can we actually manage knowledge? Well, I believe that every organization has its own human resources equipped with an abundant and overflowing knowledge and ideas. The tacit and explicit knowledge of the employees must be managed properly in order to encourage free flow of ideas, exchange of insights and foster learning to promote ones growth and development. Hence, in order to facilitate this, Knowledge Management (KM) must be put into practice.

When I was just a newbie in my organization, my senior employees and manager would tend to tell me stories about their past experiences either success stories or bad one. Those bad experiences   helped me to avoid committing future mistakes and I easily made a way out of that bad situation. Since KM allows the sharing of ideas, knowledge including experiences, it helps others to avoid that mistake that was once committed by the other employee. All organizations can benefit from their people sharing, innovating, reusing, collaborating and learning. It enables faster decision making wherein everybody gets involved in creating, formulating and devising ideas that eventually will be processed and become knowledge. Just as the recycling of materials is good for the environment, reuse is good for organizations because it minimizes rework, prevents problems, saves time, and accelerates progress. Through collaboration, it unites all diversities and brings the power of large numbers, different opinions and varied experiences to bear good decision making.

Sometimes, it’s hard to implement KM because of the “kanya-kanya” system that is happening inside the organization. Some employees are not sensitive to other people’s needs. Thus, it can be manifested in the performance of every branch what kind of people belong in it and if knowledge management is truly implemented in the organization.

Yes! Knowledge is power but knowledge sharing is empowerment. When you have great knowledge you can be powerful and being powerful alone doesn’t gain respect from other people and guarantee self-actualization. But when you share knowledge and expertise, you build people and hone them to be the best person they could become. And that is empowerment through sharing knowledge.




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