Improving Lives through Social Media



“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.”

Social Media plays a vital role in today’s society. Back then, we used to pray first before starting our meal but now we can’t eat without taking first a picture of the food we ordered and upload it on our frequently used social media site. This is the frequent scenario at present and we may sometimes experience it when we are with our “barkadas” and family gatherings.

When social media has not yet occupied its niche in the online market, it seems like people around the globe are not connected and progress is such a slow motion moving picture. Through social media, my eyes were open to endless possibilities that life has to offer. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful places in different parts of the world, celebrating joy and happiness of others through very unique themed events, seeing people connected and fulfilled in their lives. Social Media transfers information instantaneously in just a click! People are connected and information is passed on in series or maybe randomly. Thus, a social media user can be highly influenced and can embody the beliefs, character, culture and everything they’ve learned on the internet. But has social media helped us for our personal growth and development?

Seeing blogs on tumblr, tweets on Twitter, status on Facebook, posted pictures on Instagram, I am able to comprehend and realize that there will always be a bigger world out there, lots of opportunity and wider road to success!  I’ve been inspired to pursue my career, to study while having a job, to travel and go to places I’ve never been before, and to achieve whatever dreams and aspirations I have in life. Social media and internet give us an instant access to abundant self-uplifting quotes, spiritual poetry, personal writings, new skills and ideas. As I’ve encountered some of those posts on IG and Tumblr, it has triggered me to add up photography as the subject of my interest for my self-improvement and talent expansion. Every time we go on photo walk back then and capture every once in a lifetime experiences, beautiful places and cultural events, it made me feel accomplished, fulfilled knowing that my allotted time was very meaningful. Furthermore, through my photos we could connect and share our talents to other people and yeah, they could appreciate my work of art.

Let’s be a responsible social media user! Using social media too often will result to difficulty in socializing personally with others or can’t be able to communicate effectively because we become passive in a way that we only like typing or writing and we find it hard to speak fluently in the crowd. For that, let’s cut off our use of internet! Time is gold, it is precious and so does our money in paying our electric bills. Social Media has been created with a specific purpose. It is meant for connecting people, uplifting human spirit and improves everyone’s welfare through inculcating and solidifying a positive character in every internet user. Be an extrovert! Go on an adventure and live life the way you want it to be.




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