Of Course, IT Matters!



The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.    -Steve Ballmer

            A world without IT is a world full of inefficiency, misery, discontentment and slow progress.If you were to ask me, does IT matters? I will answer you with a big YES! IT does matter!  This trimester, we’ve been bombarded with many concepts, learning and reminders that awakened our senses and made us feel that “HEY!”, we are in the technological advancement era. We need to plan, change, renew and improve our business strategies and ideas suited to the demands of the market for us to gain competitive advantage.

           In every class discussion that we had, it broadens my horizon and understanding of how Information Technology eases the burden of handling complicated and quite impossible things like how FedEx and UPS deliver millions of letters and packages every single day efficiently and effectively. For organizations to attain business success, it’s time to leverage the benefits of IT in this digital age.

One of the many arguments we had is that, should an organization outsource IT security? According to Prosenjeet Banerjee, “The outsourcing of information security makes sense to organizations that have a highly developed concept of risk.” Through outsourcing, organization can increase efficiency, be able to focus on core areas, save on infrastructure and technology, access to skilled resources, provide faster and better services. Management’s decision should be based on the necessity of the organization to outsource or maintain the internal IT security.

As a summary of all the discussions, IT is important in making a right, real-time decision making via MS Access or through other decision making tools, for making a niche in the global industry and expands its market reach, in ensuring customer support and satisfaction through Internet Technology, millions of existing and potential customers will be in our reach and of course, be able to manage Human Resources well that enables organization to adapt easily to Globalization.

Meanwhile, IT also poses threats to our society so be careful not to press the self-destruction button. It can be a disruptive technology which can result to a more serious damage and which may create a sudden ripple effect to society. That’s why we must exercise caution in handling technologies like this. More so, IT occupied a huge space in my heart. It created a venue for me to learn and see things beyond my knowledge. IT makes my life simpler by enabling faster communication with colleagues, friends and relatives, providing tools for more effective work, and giving me access to vast information with the click of a mouse. Everything we see around us, we owe them to the people behind the development of these  technologies who constantly innovate products and services that satisfies the wants and the growing needs of the society as a whole.






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